PDP Journal

AKA the “Dear Diary” of the journey to development glory


This page is a journal to document the creation of my Personal Development Portfolio project as part of my HND Sound Production Studies

Week 6 (02/11/20-09/11/20)

  • This week I was creating content for my blog. I was colliding information about a couple of my DIY low-fi soundbox projects from MFOS. I was pulling all the photos of the build and wrote a post about these two DIY sound generators.
  • Reorganized the labelling system of the blog posts
  • Researched for a simple product idea inspiration on various DIY and music technology websites

Week 7 (09/11/20-15/11/20)

  • Scheduled blog post was created. This time I was writing a jargon buster for explaining common technical terms used during an analogue to digital conversion process
  • Linked my Instagram account to my project Facebook page, so now all posts from the Instagram account will appear on my FB page as well
  • Linked my blog to my LinkedIn account. I use my LinkedIn for raising my own professional portfolio and drive traffic to my main site. All blog posts are now published on my LinkedIn account.
  • Researched possible technical solutions for a simple microphone built
  • I have started to build a new low-fi soundbox. It is another MFOS project, called the Noise Toaster. See some of the progress on my Instagram account.

Week 8 (16/11/20-22/11/20)

  • My weekly blog post was created. I was writing about audio setting issues one might face using Pro-Tools under Windows.
  • I have upgraded my blog subscription plan from personal to premium. This will give the ability for implementing more feature into the website. (a very long discussion in itself)
  • I have researched and picked two possible design for the simple microphone project. This will be documented on the Week 9 entry.
  • I have researched three possible simple microphone designs. 1. Using an existing cheap microphone capsule and build the surrounding circuitry. 2. Using a reversed speaker cone instead of a capsule 3. Using graphite rods as pick-ups. This is a very basic, but interesting design.

Week 9 (23/11/20-29/11/20)

  • This week I have posted a couple interesting pics on my Instagram account to maintain social media presence
  • I have spent most of my time to catch up with the other projects on my course. I have dedicated this week to complete assignments for DAW class

Week 10 (30/11/20-06/12/20)

  • On that week my catching up efforts continue with DAW and ISP assignments

Week 11 (06/12/20-13/12/20)

  • Week 11 I have tied up the  loose ends of all the assignments which I was behind with.

Week 12 (14/12/20-20/12/20)

Week 13 (21/12/20-27/12/20)

Week 14 (28/12/20-03/01/21)

Week 15 (04/01/21-10/01/21)

I have looked into various ways to promote content on my website.

  • Domain name reference linking on other websites, this can include forum activity and social media posting
  • Enrolling the domain name to various analytics and tracking tools including Google, etc.
  • Paid promotion applied to successful posts, if budget allows it.
  • Paid promotion of website domain, if target audience identified and budget allows it