Music From Outer Space – I have instantly improved the quality of my life by building the Alien Screamer and the Weird Sound Generator

I would love to be knowledgeable and skilled enough to be able to design sound synthesizers and audio gear from scratch. Well, I am not yet clever that much, but this does not diminish my enthusiasm for DIY electronics and sound creations!

Luckily there is an abundance of very creative and skilled people out there, whom are designing DIY kits for people like me. Much enthusiasm with limited proficiency in electronics and music.

These two Lo-Fi noise boxes – the Alien Screamer and the Weird Sound Generator), are the design of a much celebrated synth guru Ray Wilson. Sadly, Ray passed away a few years ago, but his legacy lives on. His family runs the website which was set up by him, with the visual ascetics of yesteryears, which I like a lot. If you are after very good info on DIY audio projects and have not seen this site, you should do it straight away by clicking here: Ray Wilson- Music from Outer Space. Furthermore, he has a book as well on building synthesizers, which was published by MAKE! (this is an Amazon link), if you are interested in this subject, that would be money well spent.

Both the “AS” and the “WSG” are excellent starter projects (the Alien Screamer is simpler). You can choose to build one from absolute scratch, following the schematic and build the circuitry on a blank vero/ stripboard or if you want to save some work or you are not confident enough, you can buy a ready-made PCB, full BOM (bill of materials) and even a faceplate for your project. I have opted to buy the PCB only and being based in Scotland, there is a UK seller whom has the right to commercially produce a lot of the MFOS projects.

The MFOS website is a great source of information, you can find schematics, BOM, template for the faceplate, even modding options, so basically everything you possibly need to build both of the projects. Hence, I am not going to paste these docs here, but have made a few pics as I was progressing through the built, so here is the story in pictures (and some text).

Alien Screamer

Weird Sound Generator

Test Sequence

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