How to fix audio engine compatibility issues in Pro Tools under Windows 10

This is an other short post. I am working on a sound design showreel in Pro Tools and on certain day I take my laptop to uni so I can work on the projects between classses. Obviously, I am not carrying my audio interface with me, so in these instances I am using the internal audio interface.

I had this issue that the the processing power of the two interfaces are different and the sound engine of my laptop had a much higher latency than my Behringer(!!!) interface. This latency difference causing the video engine crash and makes the session running out of CPU power.

After some googling the simple solution came from “” an opensource project of an ASIO audio engine emulator (I think), which can drive the internal soundcard of the laptop. This (so far) work great as I write and I happily editing my session without crashing it every 15 seconds….

Edit: Although using the “asio4all” is a great solution, I have managed to get Pro-Tools work by using a driver updater ( for some reason, it did not work after manually updating)

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