How to fix Pro-Tools scaling and display issues on Windows 10

This is a very short post about how to fix Pro-Tools scaling and display issues on Windows 10. The information can be found elsewhere, but it literally took me 2-3 hours to find the relevant forum posts, so I wanted to create an extra place to find this info.

The solution relates to an issue with Pro-Tools, the arrange and edit windows are displaying incorrectly with several errors. According to Avid, the issues were addressed and patched, but sadly that is not the case with the latest version “2021.7.0” as of by 22/09/2021

However there is a solution which is quite easy to do if you know where to look.

  1. Locate the lunch file of Pro-Tools -> right click -> properties -> Compatibility
  2. Make sure you untick everything
  3. Click on “Change High DPI Settings” and tick both options as shown below on the PrtSc

It should work correctly after that.

*Set the “High scaling override” to “Application” and the resulotion will be the same as it set in Windows, instead of low.

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