How I made the Peaky Blinders memorabilia

To continue my previous post about painting 3d printed models, here is a wee project I have made recently. It is inspired by a British TV series, “Peaky Blinders”. The series tells the story of an English gangster family – The Shelby family – from Birmingham during the early 20th century. An often used hand gun during the series is a Webley revolver, which was a service gun at the time in the British army.

I have put the model together from various pieces. The revolver itself was printed from Thingiverse. I have made a small modification to the original file, designed printable screw heads instead of using real screw.

Screw heads

The bullets are from Thingiverse as well, I have reduced its diameter of the 45APC bullet to 10mm. This is for having them more believable as the pistole’s barrel’s inner diameter is 10mm… You can do the easily in Tinkercad, I have not saved that in a separate file.

I have designed the lettering in Fusion360. Lastly, the little hook was printed also from Thingiverse, only in about 70% reduced scale.

The board and the bullet holder are made out of wood, also by me.

Here is the process:

I have printed all the parts, to have them together for assembly. The entire gun weights around 150g. I have used superglue and clamps to assemble the main parts. I have printed the parts from PLA, using 0.1mm layer resolution.

After assembly, I have used a selection of tools, such as sand papers and blades to smooth some of the layered printing texture. I have also used modelling paste filler for bigger gaps or on difficult to remove printing lines.

I have used an airbrush to apply the base paint. It might seem counterproductive to paint your model black, when the filaments colour is black already, but as I have intended to paint the entire model, the colour of the material is not really important. This is a matter of choice. Some people are using appropriate coloured filament for each part. Although, that is entirely the choice of the maker, it will not produce the same result. On the other hand, having your model painted, will definitely reduce its practical usability. This is, in that case, not really a problem as this is just a display.

I have painted the body of the gun with a combination of black, gunmetal and a selection of shading washes (inks). The handle is brown with red and sepia wash, before everything was coated with two layers of varnish.

The rest of the set was fairly simple. The bullets were painted with a combination of golden and gunmetal colours with a bit of washes. The lettering is painted grey coated with red and black washes. The hook is black, drybrushed gunmetal and sepia ink.

I am quite happy with tresult:

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