The AntiSocial Distance Hat – but what is it?

The Antisocial Distance hat is a stylish, practical top cylinder hat which, helps the concerning Gentle-Person with social distancing. It warns people if they come within 1 meter of to the wearer. It is using two sensors one at the front and one at the back to detect unwanted creatures or objects within the personal space.

The hat itself made from fashionable soft to touch material. The shape of the hat was designed by a top top- cylinder hat designer loved by many famous cylinder hat fans, such as Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Uncle Sam, The Mad Hater and of course as times closing to Christmas Celebrations, the famously festive personality Ebeneeze Scrooge.

This piece of garment also has exposed wires and sensors to show the high level of sophisticated technology implanted into the headgear. It is a statement of the wearer superiority, therefore the person is no longer tied into inconvenient social conventions or basic manners, everything can be seamlessly sacrificed for the sake of the hat-owner own feelings.

In April 2020 a global health crisis, a deadly flue based virus pandemic hit humanity. The situation escalated very quickly and soon large proportions of the daily life has been suspended or significantly changed. The leader’s of humanity have introduced a range of measures, actions and behaviour controls in order to reduce the impact of the deadly virus, slow down it’s spread and ultimately to find a solution for survival with the least human life cost possible.

As in most societies anywhere in the universe, finding a unified response to something, seems to be impossible. Different individuals reacts to crisis in different ways and although the majority of humans responded very positively and constructively, a minority responded with complete denial or with vigorous highly inconsiderate self-preservation.

The hat represents the behaviour of “inconsiderate self-preservation”. When one complies with a recommended action in response of a crises, but purely by it’s own merit and benefit, without any sort of consideration or assessment of the “preservator’s” surrounding environment.

more infor can be found here:

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