Binaural Microphone Dummy Head

I built this microphone setup as part of my honours project whereas I am producing an audio documentary feature incorporating binaural sound effects. The recording device is a commercially available Roland CS-10EM wearable pair of headphones which was inserted in a makeup artist’s manikin head. I have acquired a digital 3D designed life like human ear, which I have 3D printed.

The first iteration was designed in a way that the headphone plugged in the printed ears like it would be worn by a human user. For that, I had to slightly modified the ears widening the ear canal and the pinna. This gave me respectable results, but also room for improvements.
During the second iteration, I have redesigned the ear in a way that it can accommodate the earplugs from the inside replicating the human eardrums. A much improvement in audio location clues. I have made a sample recording in my garden, please use headphones when you listen to it.

DIY dinaural recording dummy head